Update: Operation 2 – Done

6 11 2014


On the 28th of October I had the second surgery, which was a hysterectomy.

The hospital sent me home to recoup on the 31st October.

I was a lot more emotional this time around, mainly because;

  1. I had two weeks to stew over it (compared to the 3 days I had for the first surgery).


  1. This surgery is was so final. I was losing my ability to carry a child – permanently. Forever.


I tried to prepare myself and told myself that the surgery couldn’t be that different from the first one since they were going back in through the same scar. I tried to think positively “at least I’ll know what to expect”.

Boy was I wrong.

Although my body was more compliant this time (I was a bit more prepared to push myself to walk etc. because I knew where my pain threshold was – unlike before), the pain itself was much worse. My tummy feels like it’s filled with water and its stretched so much in swollenness that it hurts. I have clips in this time (as apposed to stitches which I had last time) and they add a whole new dimension of discomfort.

I truly feel sympathy for women over 40/50 years old who go through this. I’m told that I’m healing much faster and doing much better than most because of my young age (silver lining?).

It doesn’t feel like I’m doing great.

My tummy was painful to the touch and up until yesterday even when I was sitting or lying absolutely still, my whole abdominal area seemed to throb like a stubbed toe or hammered thumbnail.

I also have this sharp pain on the inside of tummy, which feels like someone has stitched together all my organs and when I move I’m pulling them apart.

After the first operation they had me on a wicked cocktail of drugs for the pain that made me throw up, feel dizzy, foggy and drowsy. Felt like I was in Pans Labyrinth with David Bowie.

Thankfully, this time I was able to decline the drugs that wreaked such havoc last time and they gave me a much more simplified drug régime to manage my pain.

You really take things for granted until you can’t do them anymore. While waiting for the cab to pick us up from the hospital, I found myself admiring young women as they walked by.

What was I admiring?

Their clothes?

Their hair?

Their slim figures?


I admired their postures.

Their ability to walk and stand straight, without the grimace I had developed when attempting such tasks.

Oh, I thought to myself – don’t take it for granted young ladies!

Anyway, I am healing (slow and steady wins the race – or so I’m told) and I’m very excited to be getting the clips out tomorrow. I’m hoping that after the initial discomfort of actually having them removed, my overall comfort will be much better.






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