About The Author

My name is Tara and you are currently in my corner of the cyber-verse. So, what do you need to know about me? I love all forms of literature (although I don’t get to read as much as I’d like to), I love visual media and I tend to have quite strong opinions about cultural practices and politics (everyone’s a critic, right?)

On 24th September 2014 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

On 15th October 2014 I was diagnosed with uterine cancer.

I have had a full hysterectomy.

I have undergone chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

I am trying to move forward with what’s left of my future.


This is a space for my rambling’s and writing’s.

I’m doing my best to figure out this funny thing called life.

Music has the ability to totally crush me or make me swoon.

I love the sound of rain. I’m a mummy to two adorable Yorkies. I’m engaged to a wonderful human. I’m a graduate. I like to write.

Welcome to my own little section of cyber space.

Take a load off and get comfortable, we may be here for a while… 😉

*All opinions expressed here are my own and no offence is intended. The use of images/quotes/videos/lyrics are reserved to the rights of originators and I claim no ownership*


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