Update: Round 1 of Chemo (Taxol & Carbo)

28 01 2015

On the 15th January I had my first round of chemo.



I have joined a group of women on Facebook who have/are working through cancer survival and they have provided tremendous support (the group was created, and is run by cancer survivor and author Maureen Miles Bucci – who’s book I will be reviewing soon!).


The link to the group is here: Snobbies

The group is for anyone who has gone through cancer treatment, is going through cancer treatment or knows someone who has/is. It’s a great place to read and write about worries, fears, stories (good, bad and hilarious!) The women in the group have provided me with much love and support and I feel strangely akin to them considering I have never actually met any of them and they live on different continents! (I suppose the battle against cancer is enough to bring us together).

I was very apprehensive although I had done a lot of research on what to expect.

A good friend of mine (Vicky) came with me and kept me as distracted and upbeat as she could. She is a star!

Me & Vicky

They had a lot of trouble finding a vein and when they did it would collapse after a while. It took 3 nurses and 11 stabs before they found a vein that would stick…  I also tend to be very difficult to get blood from, so we have decided that I should be fitted with a PIC line. What should have taken 5/6 hours took 9 hours :/

A PIC line (for those of you who don’t know) is a port that leads directly to my vein and it sits under my skin. It should make it much easier to access my vein for blood test, blood infusions (should I need one) and for the chemo drugs. I am scheduled to go and have it put in on the 2nd February.

I’m just under two weeks from my first treatment and so far I have experienced the following side-effects:

-Weird metallic taste in mouth

-Ravenous hunger that is never satisfied (due to everything tasting like cardboard)


-Dry skin

-Muscle pain

-Joint pain

-Scalp pain

So far, my hair hasn’t started to drop, but I’m told that will happen soon 😦

My friends have been very supportive and all around awesome but I find myself not really wanting to hang out or see people. I know it’s going to get worse before it gets better so I’m trying to force myself to be social while I still can.


That’s all for now…

Tara xoxo

EDIT: it’s 19:11 and my hair just started falling out… 😦